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Call an exterminator immediately if you spot bed bug bites on yourself or our children. Be sure to check the edges of your mattress with a flashlight, if you see spots of what looks like dried blood chances are you have bed bugs

Is Your COMPUTER INFESTED with BED BUGS or other PESTS? Call First Pest Control, we will bring the necessary poison pellets needed to get rid of the pests inside your computer.

Bed Bugs Travel Through the WIRING . . .
Bedbugs migrate easily between rooms or apartments through the wiring – bed bugs are after only ONE THING and that’s YOU . . . Bed bugs feed on blood, usually while the host(host is another name for YOU) is sleeping .

Bed Bugs Inject a Numbing Agent – so you don’t feel the bite . . . leaving red welts.

This Emmy winning documentary explores how and why the bedbug is making such a huge come back. And what's next in the war against these blood suckers!

Uploaded by MyPPMA on Aug 24, 2010
NBC's Tom Costello reports on the growing resurgence of bed bugs and their particular impact on New York City as the Empire State Building recently joined the list of infested office buildings. Missy Henriksen is interviewed.

CBS's Early Show

Common Ways to Bring Bed Bugs into Your Home – Things NOT TO DO:
  • Bringing Used Furniture into your home is risky.
  • Cardboard boxes from stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, etc.
  • Pizza boxes – take them outside to the trash BEFORE going to bed.
  • Bringing them home on luggage from hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, etc.
  • Paper bags
Reduce or remove places where bed bugs like to hide:
  • Seams and cracks along baseboards and trim moldings should be caulked
  • Seal vacuum cleaner bags in plastic and place in outside bin.
  • Place pillows and other items that cannot be washed in the washing machine into the dryer for at least 20 minutes on high heat. DO NOT let them touch the floor when removing them from the dryer. IMMEATELY PLACE ITEMS IN SEALED PLASTIC BAGS, until you are sure all the bed bugs have been eradicated.