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Mice have NO BLADDER CONTROL– One reason why it is important to REMOVE rodents as quickly as possible. They transmit diseases. Yes, even domesticated rats and mice will poop and pee at any time because as stated before, THEY HAVE NO BLADDER.
Mice have been known to carry fleas, mites, ticks and lice into your home through holes as small as one quarter inch. Rodents will often chew on electrical wires or even your kitchen appliances which can result in fires.

Rats & Mice - Asthma Attacks – Allergy Attacks

Rats and mice have been known to produce asthma and allergies in the same way cockroaches and dust mites have been proven to produce allergies. Only the future will give us definitive answers or insights into this area. Recent findings are showing that some people with allergies can develop hypersensitivity to proteins in rodent urine, causing asthma attacks.
Call immediately when you see even ONE mouse, rat or other type of rodent. If you wait until you see several, often the damage has already been done.

Are Rats tearing up your landscaping?

Rats will take over your landscaping and in no time move on to searching for ways into your home as well. Call First Pest Control as soon as you see the first signs of rats or mice in your home or yard.

Signs you may have rats or mice:
  • Rodent droppings
  • Hearing scratching in the walls or scurrying sounds.
  • Are your fruit trees being attacked?

Call Immediately if you see even one mouse
One mouse
can start having babies at 6-8 weeks old and have
5-10 in each litter (pregnancy lasts 3 weeks), you do the math . . .
Now that’s a lot OF RODENTS. . .